Carlsbad High's Brett Swain Back from Super Bowl Win

Green Bay Packers Wide Receiver Brett Swain makes a trip home to Carlsbad and tosses the football around with his old coach.

A football champion from eight years ago just played in the last month and is now spending some of his "off season" back in Carlsbad. Green Bay Packers wide receiver Brett Swain tells former coach Bob McAllister of Carlsbad that playing in the game was a "big spectacle, and a dream come true."

Swain says that, after all the hype, the Super Bowl turns into a game of throwing and catching, just like any football game you play in your backyard.

Swain tells Carlsbad Patch he's here to relax and rest for a few weeks and will enjoy the good weather and a few games of golf.

If you are wondering about his long hair, he told us why he hasn't cut it in three years. Swain says he had been "cut" from the team after being drafted on the seventh round. However, they soon invited him back as a "practice" player, so he went back to prove himself. For the first year, all he did was practice with the bigger players. Swain says his hair is "part of my journey."


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