Carlsbad Unified Names Its Teachers of the Year

Photo Credit: Carlsbad Unified School District's Facebook
Photo Credit: Carlsbad Unified School District's Facebook

Carlsbad Unified School District is pleased to announce the selection of Maria Teran-Cruz as Teacher of the Year for 2013-14.  

Cruz, a fourth grade teacher at Jefferson Elementary School, is an exemplary professional. As a Nicaraguan immigrant who didn’t speak any English when she arrived in this country at age 18, Cruz overcame significant challenges. Although she had to work twice as hard to catch up with her peers, she remained determined to make learning a priority.

Being a second language learner herself, Cruz is a strong role model for students. She spends a great deal of time planning her curriculum, and her classroom is meticulous and conducive to learning. She even teaches Dance PE, with rousing Latin beats, to the entire school as part of the Motion Program at her school.

“Mrs. Cruz is a wonderful person with a positive attitude and a contagious smile,” states Jefferson Elementary’s principal Chad Lund. “She is an asset to Jefferson and truly worthy of this honor.”

Cruz, who has been a teacher at Jefferson for 16 years, was chosen as Teacher of the Year through a process of observation and interviews by CUSD’s selection panel.

CUSD congratulates the following teachers who were selected as their school’s Teacher of the Year:

  • Robert Brown at Aviara Oaks Elementary School
  • Ashley Crawford at Aviara Oaks Middle School
  • Ana Larios at Buena Vista Elementary
  • Bob Burns at Calavera Hills Elementary
  • Chad Mitchell at Calavera Hills Middle School
  • JB Feaster at Carlsbad High School                                        
  • Holly Hill at Hope Elementary
  • Maria Teran-Cruz at Jefferson Elementary
  • Gabie Norton at Kelly Elementary
  • Gretchen Mays at Magnolia Elementary
  • Ashley Rossiter at Pacific Rim Elementary
  • Ellie Restivo at Poinsettia Elementary
  • Valerie Park at Sage Creek High School
  • Beth Thomason at Valley Middle School

From this distinguished group, the following three teachers were selected as finalists:

  • Maria Teran-Cruz at Jefferson Elementary
  • Gabie Norton at Kelly Elementary
  • Valerie Park at Sage Creek High School

“It is an honor to announce Mrs. Cruz as CUSD’s Teacher of the Year,” says Superintendent Dr. Suzette Lovely. “Maria Cruz exemplifies the exceptional teaching staff in Carlsbad Unified.  We congratulate her and all of the teachers who were selected to represent their schools as Teachers of the Year.”

Cruz will move forward as CUSD’s representative in the San Diego County Teacher of the Year competition.

—Carlsbad Unified School District

glenn bernard April 16, 2014 at 12:11 PM
All teachers deserve at least one classroom aide. Higher property values create higher property taxes, the sole source of revenue for the public schools. Too bad that our sh/city hall refuses to pass a view protection ordinance so that the supply of "view homes" is forever on the decline. A hillside home with unblocked view will sell for seven figures; wipe out the view, then the price will be about $350K less, creating an annual loss to the school district of about $4,000 annually. Submitted by the Most Practical Economist In America.
glenn bernard April 16, 2014 at 12:21 PM
The view protection ordinance I suggest would apply only to non-native trees and non-native vegetation. (ask any biologist what are the benefits from transporting various species, of anything, all over the planet)
M Clark April 18, 2014 at 11:58 AM
Um, maybe we should ask Jerry Brown where the school monies went that were the selling point for the State lottery. I would also like to see our views protected and getting back to indigenous plants in open areas, flush out these eucalyptus and gum trees from Australia. They are a nuisance in multiple ways. Besides obstructing view the falling leaves taint the soils with tannins that stop the growth of anything else.


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