Meeting Set to Discuss Closure of 3 Carlsbad Schools

The Carlsbad Unified School District reports Buena Vista Elementary and the facility that houses Carlsbad Village Academy and Carlsbad Seaside Academy cost more per student than other schools in the district.

The Board of Trustees will hold a special meeting at 6 p.m. on April 18, 2012 at the District Office located at 6225 El Camino Real.

The sole item on the agenda is the Board’s consideration of closing and of closing the facility that houses the programs.

The agenda for the meeting will be available in advance at carlsbadusd.k12.ca.us/boardschd.html.

District Superintendent John A. Roach, Ed.D., states, “These schools are being considered not because of performance, which has been exemplary, but because of enrollment and finances.” He notes that Buena Vista, a Title I school which is celebrating 50 years of educating Carlsbad’s children, has just been named a for its success in closing the achievement gap among different student groups.

Serving 286 students, Buena Vista’s per-student cost is $2,053, which is nearly $800 more than the District-wide elementary school average of $1,263. The CVA/CSA facility serves 188 students and has a per-student cost of $2,356, compared with $1,521 at Carlsbad High School. Closing the two facilities would save the District approximately $1 million each year.

The District faces a projected 2012-13 budget deficit of $5 million. The estimated 2013-14 deficit could be as high as $10.3M. To close the gap and remain solvent, the Board approved $2.3 million in budget cuts in November 2011 and an additional $1.3 million in February 2012. The District is currently negotiating with both employee unions on compensation reductions.  

Earlier this year, a Superintendent’s Advisory Committee on School Closure and Reorganization comprised of administrators, principals, staff and parents began meeting. Working on the assumption that Buena Vista and Carlsbad Village/Seaside Academy would close at the end of this school year, the Committee’s closure/reorganization efforts have focused on minimizing impacts to students, staff, families and the community. The Committee’s recommendations will be presented to the Board during this special meeting on April18, 2012.

–Press Release by CUSD

Vicki McLees April 03, 2012 at 04:58 PM
I don't understand why Buena Vista is still on the chopping block. The numbers were revised a few months ago when money was found acidentally attributed to BV's costs. Also, it was found that closing the school would actually only save about $350k because a lot of money will need to be spent upgrading the other schools to accomodate BV's students. Even the picture in this article is old. There is now a fence surrounding the school that was installed last summer, and MILLIONS of $$ of additional upgrades have been spent on BV in recent years. All of this taxpayer money will be wasted if this award winning school closes. BV's costs appear high because enrollment is low, probably due in large part to the constant talk of closure. Now that it is a distinguished school, I think a lot more parents will want to take advantage of all that BV has to offer!


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