Fifth Grader Never Too Busy to Lend a Helping Hand

Emma Bushee is a standout at La Costa Meadows Elementary.

If helping others leads to happiness, 11-year-old Emma Bushee is one jubilant young lady.  Emma is never too busy to help administrators, teachers and her peers at La Costa Meadows Elementary.  From being a campus safety patrol officer to assisting other students, Emma loves to give back.

Emma started working with special needs students at La Costa Meadows when she was in the third grade.  As a fifth grader, she now uses her recess and lunch time every day to assist those who need it.

“I love spending time with those special students and volunteered to help,” said Emma.

Her face is also visible on campus as a safety patrol officer who handles crossing guard duties and lower field monitoring.

The girl with a big heart is also loaded with talent.  As a fourth grader, Emma was cast as the lead in a school production of Wicked.  She played Elphaba, the future Wicked Witch of the West.  When she’s not on stage, Emma enjoys playing soccer, softball and participating in the school running program.  She has logged more than 250 miles on the La Costa Meadows' track  since 3rd grade! 

Her key to awesomeness?

“You have to have people in your life who can help you and encourage you, like your family and friends.  My friends have always supported me and I try to do the same for them.”


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