Poinsettia Elementary Students Vote for President

The school is one of about 11,000 nationwide that took part in a digital mock election called, "every kid votes."

On Nov. 1, every Poinsettia Elementary student participated in a campus-wide voting session where students were able to vote for their choice for U.S. president, explained Nick Covino, an instructional assistant at the school's data lab.

Votes were added to the "Every Kid Votes" website.

"Prior to voting, each student was educated by curriculum provided by studiesweekly.com and watched video content designed for their grade level," said Covino in an email.

Covino added, "In past years this program has accurately predicted the popular vote as voted by registered voters across the U.S."

The current projection of student votes shows Obama in the lead.

Ray Pearson November 03, 2012 at 10:15 PM
Great to see Poinsettia particpating in such an important principle of democracy, participatory government, voting. The more our elementary students learn and participate in democracy the more informed voters they will be when they turn 18. Especially using technology as a teaching tool is wonderful. Like to see more of our elementary students participate. Maybe we can think about doing a similiar activity for our local and school board elections.


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