Watch the Olympics on TV? Here's Your Schedule

A complete rundown of competitions by day.

The 2012 Summer Olympics in London formally kicked off Friday, and many Americans have been glued to the TV since.

However, because London is eight hours ahead of us, it can be tricky trying to catch your favorite event. Patch is making things easier with a day-by-day rundown of Olympic events below. Just click on each day to see what's on tap.

Also, NBC is broadcasting most evets on TV—but because of the time gap, the network's prime time coverage is largely repackaged coverage from the earlier in the day with commentary by anchor Bob Costas. You can also watch all events live online on NBC's website.

Viewing Schedule by Day

Monday, July 30

Tuesday, July 31

Wednesday, Aug. 1

Thursday, Aug. 2

Friday, Aug. 3

Saturday, Aug. 4

Sunday, Aug. 5

Monday, Aug. 6

Tuesday, Aug. 7

Wednesday, Aug. 8

Thursday, Aug. 9

Friday, Aug. 10

Saturday, Aug. 11

Sunday, Aug. 12


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