Waiter there's a Flake in my Cereal! Part 3

The shock of a lifetime.

Posted on January 24, 2013 by Dazzlme

“I’m back in Malibu, all is well, and darn I miss you, Camille.”   It was sad to see Lou return home on Sunday, but we had a terrific time together that weekend and I was already looking forward to our trip to Phoenix in two weeks to pick out our high school reunion site.   Little did I know, as I was musing over my weekend with Lou, that I was soon to be for in for the shock of a lifetime.

Early the next morning, I awakened to the sound of my cell phone ringing.  Who could  be calling me at 6:00 a.m. on a Monday morning?  Irritable with the early caller,  I decided to let the call go to voice mail.  Following a hot shower I headed for the kitchen to start the coffee brewing, while grabbing my phone to listen to the caller’s message.  I was not prepared for what I heard and a feeling of foreboding came over me as the ominous voice began to speak:

“My name [long pause] is Jody.” 

Jody.  Why did that name sound familiar?

The voice continued…’Jody, as in Jody Martin, and I understand you just spent the weekend with my husband, Lou.  Oh, and by the way…I’m not dead.”

WH-AATT?!  Fortunately for me it was not fly season or I would have consumed a bucket of them as my mouth gaped open and my heart sank to my stomach.

With icy sarcasm, the voice continued: “Lou tells me [evil snicker] that you’re innocent of all of this, but of course, I don’t believe him.  At any rate, I’m on my way to the hospital as it appears Lou had a heart attack after I caught him lying.  Here’s my phone number in the off chance you want to call me.”  And the call went dead.

At that moment time seemed to stand still as I stood there in disbelief, trying to make sense out of what I’d just heard.  Lou’s wife – ALIVE?  How can that be?  He told me she was dead!

Leaning against the kitchen counter clutching my cell phone, Lou’s words from our  first date came flooding back:  ‘My wife died of Leukemia…I had to let her go….it was devastating…’.

Still in shock,  I knew what I must do.  If this woman truly was Lou’s wife come back from the dead, I must talk to her.   I dialed her number.  Crud.  The answering machine.  Ah…Jody (I stammered into the phone) this is Camille. You just left me a message? Anyway, I really need to talk to you, so would you please call me as soon as possible?

Not knowing what else to do, I headed for my bedroom to try and focus on getting ready for work.  My mind began spinning as more memories of conversations with Lou came flooding back:

“Camille, would you mind if I told you about my wife dying?…I tried everything to save her….”.  And then…”I believe I’m falling in love with you, Camille and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”  O.M.G!  How could anyone stoop so low?  I began to get furious.  And then the phone rang.

To be continued…

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