How to Help Grieving Children

Although grief is difficult for anyone to bear, for a child, it can be overwhelming.

Death is an inescapable part of life. The sorrow of losing a loved one is a painful universal experience.

The emotional and psychological trauma may deeply impact a child’s school performance, well‐being and sense of self. Often, bereaved children feel very isolated and lonely.

A parent grieving the loss of a spouse may be in such deep pain that they find it difficult to support their bereaved children, especially if the child tries to protect their remaining parent by concealing their intense feelings. Sometimes, when adults see a child playing, they mistakenly assume the child is over their grief.

Awareness is key to healing. So is providing a safe, nurturing environment in which these kids can be among others who understand – and share – their feelings of loss.

Hope and Healing Offered Here

Every summer, Hospice of the North Coast offers a Healing Outdoor Play Experience for grieving children and families known as . This one‐day retreat provides a rainbow of therapeutic activities in a companionable, compassionate setting, enabling children to pet animals, explore the outdoors and just be kids.

This year’s event takes place on August 18th. Please visit hospicenorthcoast.org or email tjohnson@hospicenorthcoast.org for information.

If you know a child grieving the loss of a family member, give them a smile and a hug. Knowing someone cares can work wonders in a youngster’s life. (And in an oldster’s as well!)


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