Gerardeen Santiago
A transplant from New York City, Gerri has been a Carlsbad resident since 2000.
Gerri enjoys living in coastal Carlsbad and is frequently seen around downtown Village or along Carlsbad's many beautiful trails, running with her two dogs in tow. In her past life as a New Yorker, Gerri earned her PhD in experimental psychology from Columbia University, studying the effects of steroid hormones on the development of behaviors. She thoroughly enjoyed working as an editor in textbook publishing for Worth Publishers and The McGraw-Hill Companies, developing digital and online educational resources and applications. She also worked at the totally fun and absolutely fabulous Scholastic, alongside some truly stellar folks to launch their first corporate intranet. Sadly her life in publishing ended when McGraw-Hill closed their Carlsbad offices, and she was enjoying life in Carlsbad too much to move back east. So she quickly shifted to developing continuing educational programs for physicians and other health care providers (who moved the cheese?). Now, after a busy and fulfilling career, Gerri has retired and is taking the time to do what she loves best: reading, writing and puttering around the house. Her new goal in life is to read all the books in the Carlsbad City Library.
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