Rebecca Cleary
I am a professional photographer, an avid blogger, a busy mother of four and an experienced Navy wife.  It is my joy to tell my story and the stories of others with intriguing photography and relateable commentary.   When I was in elementary school,  I would hide behind the couch with a pad of paper and a pencil and "report" on everything going on in my house.  My parents thought that I would either be a journalist or a detective.  I am officially degreed in neither, but those spy skills sure came in handy when my children became teenagers!  We recently added a puppy to our family.  He is a blue merle australian shepherd and is just about the cutest most ornery creature I've ever seen.  His antics rival that of my most ambitious two year old!  When I'm not conducting photo sessions or updating my blog, I am watching my son play football, trying to recall algebraic equations to help my freshmen with her homework, having a girl day with my 7 year old or trying out some yummy new recipe in the kitchen.
Rebecca's blog  http://beccasfreshfruit.blogspot.com is full of beautiful photographs and funny, heart warming, inspiring stories relating to the everyday life of the American family.  To see more of Rebecca's photography work visit her photography website at http://www.limelight31.com.
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